2023 / oil on canvas, combined technique, 130x80cm

Available /  Price for request

The painting from series “Sometimes things are not what they seem…”

A painting full of secrets.

Imagine an old wardrobe and inside it a shabby men’s leather jacket with that super shiny zipper. A cut from the eighties. You look at it for a while, try the zipper, and there it is. In your head, you have thoughts, playful, humorous and sad, provocative, leading you somewhere else…

… some things are not what they seem

… no means no, even if it seems like yes

… you are again “teen” years old and it is the first time

… I am here for you.

I like thoughts with a deeper meaning. Those that make you think and perceive the world from a different angle. This zipper is more than a piece of shiny metal. It is a symbol of what is hidden under the surface. What is often more important than what we see at first glance.

More photos of painting